Sep 24, 2014

Halifax Street Garage

This was a very challenging job. The first of the short list of issues with this garage is that the siding was very deteriorated and in need of repair.

 From here it was ripping off the siding and some sheathing to move the wall back and then re-siding it. 

The rough opening for the storm door

 In this photo you cannot see very much how I coped the siding along the rake to the angle of the roof but rather than cutting that roughly 60 degree angle and trying to get it perfect on a not perfect garage. I used a method of building called "shadow board." I ran a board along the rake above the siding and that way if the cut was short you would never see it. Also the appearance, this way it at least, looks flawless!

Sprayed the siding with a Wagner Pro Coat spray gun!

Intro to Hand and Power Tool Safety Course CMCC: Initial Skills Projects Week 1

Starting on the 2nd of September, I began my fall semester courses at Central Maine Community College in Auburn, ME. My courses are fulfilling my degree in Building and Construction Technology which I am intending to complete the spring of 2016. Beginning this semester I am enrolled in a course that familiarizes me with the safety of using power tools and also hand tools. That course is Intro to Hand and Power Tool Safety, during that course we had to construct a sawhorse using specific instructions as well as a table saw push stick. Additionally we also did a hand-saw and hole drilling test to see if we could be accurate using a hand saw on a 45 degree angle and drilling straight through a board and coming out on our grid point on the opposite side of the board! Check it out.  
 For the push stick we had to trace a template over a 1"-3"-1' long piece of wood and then use the band saw in the photo to make the relief cuts. Then cut out the stick outline, which we then sanded to a soft touch.

<------starter holes

<--------- Where I came out the other side