May 11, 2011

Basement Renovation

This is what the floor plan was in the basement of  my big old house, the Summer of 2011. I hatched an idea to remove an old fish tank room from our basement that was a never-use room. Upon initial inspection, it looked pretty safe to remove, nothing structural hiding in the walls, just a silencing beam above the room. Myself, and some friends, removed the room and we discovered quit a few hidden issues, not to mention i found a Zippo brand lighter in one of the walls. But for one thing the foundation floor has been severely eroded by a tunneling animal from years and years ago, i found news paper clippings all shredded under the slab inside the small tunnels. My analysis, at a point in time the old owners had the critter removed as there was concrete patches in the floor. But the tunnels still remained and worsened from a foundation wall crack. When that developed the water came in and found an exit through the tunnels under the slab, and so i began repairing immediately. This was what the floor plan was..

This is what i wanted it to be when it was finished. From one room we did not use, it nearly doubled the space in the recreational section of the other room.

This is the time frame i discovered the minor holes in the floor where not so minor and the tunnels under the floor networked pretty far towards the the open area in the basement. In the other photos leading on, I found what I can only claim was an older foundation wall, or a strange brick footing for the slab or wall?

I went and dug the outside wall out as well because their is not much point in fixing the inside unless you seal and waterproof the outside so there I am brushing the loose concrete out and prepping the crack for concrete and rubberized tar.

There is that strange brickwork under that slab i mentioned

 And the final slough of pictures is the pouring of the new concrete to fill in the hole.......

This is the lighter I discovered in the wall

 This is the bar, from frame to finish. My Dad gave me his restrictions on what it had to look like. It has to have two-way swinging western style doors and he appreciated the hardwood floors i chose so much that we decided to use the excess flooring to make the bar-top.
 This was the 6"x 6"x 16' KD replacement silencing beam we hiked home from the lumber company down my street. My Dad dropped us off  but needed his car so the only option was walking it back over our shoulders, we were eventually picked up by a friend and carried home.