Nov 7, 2014

Building Concepts II Course CMCC- 12' x 24' Smart Side Gabled Storage Shed Building Week 7

 Monday Nov 3, 2014. In these photos you can see our 12'x 24' storage building beginning to take shape. Above is a photo of our platform and continuing on are photos of the wall assembly and different components wall framing.

Here are the different terms of wall members. You have two Jack Studs on the end there. Jacks are the members in wall frame that hold up the header over an opening. Occasionally they are doubled up for added strength, which is what we chose to do. A King Stud is a stud that is running fully from top plate to bottom plate and it is what the jack studs and header are fastened too. The Bottom Plate (BP) or Sole Plate is what makes up the bottom horizontal wall section. It is almost always made with pressure treated lumber because it is crucial that it doesn't ever break down or rot away.

 In this photo a classmate, Garrett, and I are assembling the header for the opening for an overhead door going onto the front of the building. You can see in the left corner of the photo we have clamps on the two wood pieces holding it flat to reduce the cupping in the wood before we screwed it together. 

 Above you can see the nailing schedule we followed and I will explain why if the picture wasn't clear enough. We chose to fasten the header together similar to the way a girder is assembled. Our end-of-member screws should be offset away from the edge to prevent splitting and to be even more careful we pre-drilled our screw holes. All of this was because we have 4 nails coming into each end of the header to fasten it to the king studs. So to make sure no splitting happens we pre-drilled and setback the screws so the 3-1/2" screws do not hit our assembly fasteners.

Smart Side, similar to T1-11 Panel Siding

Here, the building is near completed assembly



  1. Good Post. Journal entry describing dis-assembly and preparing wall sections for transportation is missing. Revise this to increase your grade.