Nov 15, 2014

Building Concepts II Course CMCC- 12' x 24' Gable Shed Truss Construction and Building Assembly Week 8

 This weeks in-class time was devoted toward building two gable end trusses to have soffit and fascia material attached to it. A Soffit is something that forms a ceiling along the eve or ridge of something. A Fascia is any material used as a band or frieze running horizontally around a whole building roof system typically. Decks can also have fascia boards. Typically the widest edge of any fascia material is sitting upright. The things in the photo to the left that look like ladders are the fly rafter frames. Fly-rafters are members of a roof system that run parallel with the rake toward the top of the wall but they do not ever touch the wall plates because they are completing the overhang on the gable ends where the roof will stick out beyond the building.

This material being nailed is a plywood soffit.

The material being pocket screwed is the fascia boards.

Here I am utilizing my speed square to keep my nails in alignment while I am fastening the fascia to the ladder fly-rafter that was constructed.  

ASSEMBLY of our 12' x 24' Storage Shed

We volunteered our time on Friday the 14th of November to help assemble the 12' x 24' shed building we constructed that was then picked and driven to Readfeild ME where it was to be a shed for the Maranacook High School track team. We had several students from the first year BCT program commute to help erect this shed. As you can tell we got some snow that morning, but in the photo above we are laying our first platform section on a gravel pad. 

Here you can see it begin to take its shape the same as it did when it was at CMCC in the building shop.

Here we have one gable end truss on and several other trusses installed. 

Here is about as far as we could get before we had to pack up and call it a day. Both gable end trusses were installed and all of the middle trusses. We only had a day to try and complete it but with only a handful of students and not the whole class we had to just do what we could with the time we had. Later in the week Maranacook High School is having a community day where anyone can work on it to complete it. But we got a good majority of it up and assemble in just one day.


  1. A good job under less than ideal conditions - well done!