Jun 29, 2014

Drywall Hanging on Chebeague Island, ME

  This was a job that I was hired for to help hang drywall. A good work associate of mine, Jon Campbell with his Mid Maine Drywall Company invited me along to lend an official hand.  He is a very established drywaller who told me about a job that he had in the works on Chebeague Island. I jumped at the opportunity to help, because there is a camp out there that I am always welcome at, and frequently visit.  I have been going to that island since I was very little, and I have thought a lot about getting some work on the island and living out there at the same time. The stars aligned for me this past week at the end of July, and I stayed out there a week working on and off, mostly off. It was a very nice work vacation! Check out the photos.

  This is the front of the home we worked in, located on the North Rd. on the Island.  It has close to fifteen bedrooms when you walk through the whole house, its quite large. We worked in the areas that were wired, plumed, and insulated, but for the portion of the time I was there, we probably did only 30% of the drywall hanging necessary to come close to the joint compounding process.        
This is the home we worked in and its much larger in other pictures!

What you see above you is a small section of what we accomplished, but a beautiful midway all the same!

Can anyone figure why we found razor blades, like the ones in the photo above, inside 
of the lath in the walls?

  In older homes it was what people would do with their razor blades when they were finished shaving, manyd medicine cabinets would come with slots to drop your razor blade into the wall! Fascinating! I had to ask a wise old friend of mine on the island why those razors would be in the wall and she explained to me just that.. its how you safely disposed of your old razors! Every job has a mystery hidden in its bones.

I took breaks every now and then to find myself fishing with great success! One evening and I caught 3 Mackerel fish and 1 Squid!


You can see here how large the property really is!

My Island Work Truck for the week!

This week was more vacation than work, took a ride around Casco Bay to visit small Islands.


  1. Beautiful work! Love the razor story, the squid, not so much! ��

  2. Great post Jon! When the stars do align, you can't beat this trade to make a living! Keep up the great posts.