Jul 21, 2011

Old Apartments

This was a fun project for sure, I offered my Dad in 2011 to paint his apartment buildings at an hourly rate for minimum wage, until I was finished. The only catch was he had to agree to get me a paint sprayer, and off I went, check out these  before and after photos.

 This is essentially what I had done to all four sides.

Before and After

This is also a neat photo I came across one day, its a photo of the apartments back in there younger years, I have put a photo below of the apartments in present day 2010 as a comparison. The comparison photo was one before I painted the apartment building on the left.

Jul 20, 2011

Wisconsin Fencing

This project was a spur of the moment build in the summer of 2011, while visiting my cousin, we decided she needed new fence posts. So with a semi-strict budget we decided to do a cascading cedar fence corner property accents. This was new for me as I had only ever worked with the stockade style fencing, so i was eager to throw up my first cedar fencing!

Jul 19, 2011

Sewing Machine Box

This is a box that I was encouraged by my father to build for my stepmother for her sewing machine. I made this during my first years of playing around in my basement with my tools. It is made from a scrap section of panel waynes coating, strapping and a piano hinge. With a maple board for the top, I finished it with a dark cherry stain and a polyurethane. I learned here a technique for achieving that soft feel that polyurethane can give a surface, which is by finely sanding it with a 500 or 600 course sand paper. I also learned that a brown paper bag holds a very similar result when used to finish sand a surface. Fun little project for someone who was learning the very beginner-ropes of carpentry!