Mar 12, 2014

Quimby St. Bathroom Ceiling

This was a job reference from a couple of friends who are selling their home they are in and moving down the street in Augusta. They hired me to put a layer of sheetrock in their bathroom over their crumbling ceiling and then mud and prime it. I also put in a new light fixture to make their bathroom look nicer, as well as a shower pole kit for their old claw-foot cast iron tub. Check it out.


Mar 4, 2014

Grand Central Cafe`

Fixed the settings on my phone so photos do not over expose! 
This job was my first opportunity to do work in a place where it could be featured publicly in a way, I felt very inspired to go above and beyond on this one. I purchased dust barrier tools and to keep from covering this restaurant completely in dust! The owner of the restaurant came up with a creative plan to make more space in her kitchen by blowing through one wall and essentially boxing in the fridge in its own little pocket. It was not a fridge that gets hot on the sides, so we were safe to create a space just big enough for the fridge. However we did have an electrical conduit that was coming up from just under the fridge, through 16" of concrete. For a short time it was unclear if the line was going to keep the fridge from moving into its new corner. It just made it! Check out the photos!
This is the counter section that the owner will be commissioning me to replace. As you can tell, particle-board stands not to the test of time and water! This section was removed and temporarily braced to allow for the expansion off the kitchen.
My new dust barrier equipment

Electrical-port wall inserts for fridge cord!