Apr 20, 2014

Composite Deck Sidney, ME

This job is one that I was asked to help with by a contractor I used to work for and now I am working with! Chris Soucy subbed me out to help him with this. The decking material is a composite PVC decking, one technique I appreciate about working with Chris Soucy is that he lays down strips of ice and water shield over the pressure treated decking to even further the life of the frame. His thought is if your putting down a lifetime decking material, why wouldn't you make the frame lifetime too. This deck job was also installed with a hidden fastening system to eliminate screw holes. Check out the pictures.

And the view is incredible!

Trafton Rd. Mechanic Shop Torsion Door

This was a commission for a commercial garage door to be installed in a clients mechanic shop. He has a very outfitted shop for many hobby project types like working with metal, cars and much more. He asked me to help him install a torsion door, I spoke to him and we agreed that the door would be a very ideal solution to the large wooden doors that would heave closed in the winter. Check out the photos.
New Door

Door to be replaced

Each spring took 40 quarter turns = (tired arms)

Taylor Rd. 16'-0 Torsion Door

Another successful torsion door for the books, the old door caved into itself and the homeowners needed a garage door asap! Quick and easy job. I will be coming back to level off the slab so the door closes tight against the ground. The garage was poured into two parallel sections and division is in the middle of the door opening, in the winter it heaves alot! Nothing that cannot be fixed.

old track
Rolled steel torsion spring bars

Square Lag Bolts 

Apr 3, 2014

May St. Bathroom Flooring

This was my first Laminate flooring install, it was a late notice job for a woman, for her daughters bathroom. She wanted a new one because the old one was installed differently... and that resulted in pre-mature wear and tear. Some areas where not covered with flooring because of a height difference in sub floor. Check out the photos.

New 1/4" lauan sub flooring was installed and I shimmed it 1/16th of an inch to allow for a seamless transition into the closet area, rather then just not doing it which appears to have been the decision before.  

Screws every 4 to 6 inches apart 

Apr 1, 2014

Contractors Insurance coverage update

Hello future clients, I am happy to report this small time contractor is now fully insured to work on and in your home. It has taken some time to hunt around for the right policy for a novice carpenter such as myself. Luckily Cross Insurance Company tailored a policy geared toward the types of work I will be doing. My policy covers me to do roofing replacement, repair and new construction roofing as well as renovations in homes up too 3 stories. If anyone should need proof of insurance, the way it works is that I call my company and give them the name and address of person requesting the proof and it arrives in the mail the next day. Very exciting start to spring 2014.