Aug 21, 2014

Frame Saver Door

Most doors that you buy from lumber yards will not come with frame saver, which is a 4" section of the door casing that is constructed out of composite rot-proof material. Down at the base of the door casing is where all doors will always rot out. Everything else with the door is fine and its not cheap to replace just the section of door that is rotten, that could be more work that putting in a whole another door. Generally your only saving about forty to fifty dollars NOT going with frame saver so its an easy decision and as a homeowner you should always get these doors installed in your home.  

One Nice Garage

This job went well, I enjoyed very much being able to just wood work consistently and this job called for many lengths of trim. There were three windows, three doors and one attic hatch all to be trimmed out and have sills made for the windows. I also had put up some drywall and had Mid Maine Drywall come in and tape/mud the overhead door wall. Pics of that coming soon. Check it out!