Apr 2, 2010

My First Inspiration to Do!

 When I was younger i had gone through a spell of thought-filled months and that might sound weird but I was thinking a lot and a way I found to cope with it was becoming a person who sees the world in all colors. I needed to find purpose and this was the first way i found to give meaning to my life. I grew up in a one-hundred year old Queen-Ann Victorian home which had lots of places in it that needed work and my father being a veterinarian he didn't feel the same ambition for house held renovations as it did. My name is Jonathan and like to do things. This is the first entry for my blog for school, and because i am proactive about my hobbies and the assortment of things i like to do, not everything I exhibit on this site will be all made of wood necessarily, but for people looking to hire me on  professional building and carpentry level they have a well rounded idea of my skill set and can therefore decide if i am qualified for the job.. As for school it is required that i have a blog site where my work can be exhibited, so here it is, this work is from the summer of 2010 and i will have several projects from that year and then current ones. Stay tuned, i am always busy.