Jun 8, 2015

Southern Yellow Pine Flooring

This is one of the more ongoing clients I am working for currently. He is a new resident to the Island of Chebeague off the coast of Casco Bay ME. He bought this little cottage off the johns small rd. on the island and I happen to spend a large amount of time out there already so when I am working for him I am living out there as well.

In this short series of photos you can see flooring being installed. The species of wood flooring is southern yellow pine (SYP). Which is the harder pine and very suitable for flooring. SYP is what the cottage has in every other room so I picked up where the old house left off venturing into the large bedroom additions.

Estwing Pride

In this photo, and it is not quite clear, but that darker flooring is the older yellow pine and you can clearly see the new stuff unfinished. Here I am working my way down the hallway to reach the bedrooms.   

One bedroom DONE!

This series of greatly lite photos you can tell how I begin flooring such as this. It can be done with a chalk line but I prefer a stringline. Making sure to measure off the finishing wall to the first board so you can stay parallel and end evenly with the butting wall. You can also see gabs which I have left to allow for expansion.

SYP Flooring Completed in Bedroom #2!


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