Jul 4, 2010

The Party Barn as it was referred too

The Party Barn was a structure my Dad authorized me to build in the summer of 2010 just after the pool was finished. It is a 14' wide by 16' long gable roofed shed. Build from rough-cut lumber from a local milling operation, the total materials cost for this structure, including slab was about $3,500.00. That was the only way I convinced my dad into letting my build it at the time. The photos exhibit the day by day work and you can see, for example what went into prepping of the site for a slab and the beginning and end results, pretty fun build for a 17 year old. I did have the guidance of a contractor family friend, Micheal, who came by before his work every morning around 7:00 to give me the low down on how to do everything on each day. The cupola was an afterthought of my dads. One thing I learned with that was do not build too heavy because we had to hoist it up to the peak of the roof copper and all, it worked out but it could have been easier!


 These are the plans I was given to build mine off of. These came from a garage kit draft plan. So I built mine and took it down the street from my house to a local metal-works shop to have them put a copper for a roof on it.