Jan 6, 2013

1984 VW Vanagon Welding Project

This vehicle restoration was one I took on for a cross-country trip I underwent with my brother Andrew and a close friend of ours, Adam, during the summer of 2013. I found the van on craigslist in Pennsylvania and when it got back to Maine, the turmoils of an antique vehicle began to reveal themselves slowly. Never the less, when the winter maintenance was for the most part through, I hatched the plan to build a gas tank and spare tire rack on the rear end of the vehicle, as well as a bike rack on the front. The bike rack was sufficient and easy enough but the effort really when into the construction of the bumper, on the images below all of the work can be seen stage by stage. Even my beginning doodle.

This was the type of camper I bought for the trip
This is the plan that i came up with for the rear bumper, I like to
note that the total cost was $180.00 in steel and trailer barrings.

The completed bumper

            The Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota