Nov 18, 2013

The Old Farm House That Did!

Kitchen flooring in progress
This old house was a diamond in the rough that a friend of mine's Dad bought in the town of Fairfeild, ME. This place was a work in progress in every corner of the home. I have done a fair amount here and there. I had taken out walls, to create space and put in a few headers for doors and windows. I threw in a door going down to the basement which involved re-framing a partly exterior wall. The only photo's I have up now are just the one of the 1/4" Bamboo flooring i put in his kitchen, backroom and the will-be bathroom for him. A great flooring type, semi-brittle compared to hardwood, it will split if you shoot a finish nail too close to an end of the plank. But overall a very neat and clean installed! Note: this flooring will not go down without finish nails, they recommend a pneumatic floor nail gun but the tongue on those boards is less that an 1/8th of an inch, even the finish gun was splitting the tongues of those board so I would not recommend a heavy flooring nail
gun. Check it out!

The finished kitchen
Mudroom rebuild, I removed a wall and added a header, just
in case, it did not appear to be load bearing but it never hurts
to overbuild something. 

This picture to the right was a very fun project as one of my favorite challenges in an old home is to build something that appears to have existed all along. I had some reclaimed barn sheathing from a shed I ripped down years ago that I donated to this project and it came out great! Same thickness wood so it made for a semi-seamless insert. The whole point of this door was to gain access to the basement level so I cut into the sheathing in order to frame it for a door!