Jul 29, 2014

Breaking and Wrapping Metal Around Bees

  This was my first solo metal wrapping job, and the whole job came out very well in the end. The client was also very pleased with the results. It took me a few pieces of metal to learn the sweet spot measurement when looking at a fascia with 3 or 4 bends in it. The difficulty was learning how to account for the bent-edge of a piece of metal being bent multiple times around a board or molding. The more difficult part was dealing with the bees inhabiting the cracks I was wrapping... that was the worst!  Afterwards, I was very satisfied with the results. Check it out.


There is a nest in that crack... and many more all over the house. 


Jul 20, 2014

Vinyl Siding Repair

  The siding was removed some time ago to install a window on this nice family's home, so I came out to repair it. Just to make a note, the siding was on the ground for awhile, so it collected a little dirt. 

Jul 1, 2014

Blown Insulation

  My first Cel-Pak blown in insulation job, and it was a great success! I blew in 12" in roughly a 30' by 50' attic.  I used markers to keep myself on track, so it wouldn't be hard while blowing to stay at my 12" height. I did have to construct a staging to elevate stuff away from the insulated attic floor, so you can somewhat see the design of it all in my photos, which are a little dark. Check them out, enjoy!

I did have to cover each front face of this staging so the insulation would not fall through.

My helpful friend Mike, who I hired to assist with the loading of the insulation looking eager as ever to get started!

My markers