Jan 16, 2015

Apartment House on Siding St.

 This was my first whole home siding replacement job and it came out very well, I will let the pictures speak for themselves and explain processes and steps I took along the way, enjoy!
These are the photos from the beginning of the job and the siding that was on there is a masonite-type hardboard. It's composition is very similar to medium density fiberboard. The siding was quiet popular when it first came out as it was supposed to be a "for life" siding but the ends of each siding piece eventually would swell and so after 30 years the siding did not look as good anymore.

On the back side of the homes addition there was a section of wall that slightly buried underground. The next set of photos are of what was found and house it was fixed. 

Very soft sill, 

Strong-back jacking member

New anchor bolts are now holding onto a new pressure treated sill plate and foam sill sealer.

New 5/8" OSB

Half my order of vinyl materials 

Making level lines!

 CMP came and wrapped where the power line ties on to the house and floated the meter boxes.

Very cold and slow moving carpenter ants.
This section of the building was almost touching the ground so naturally moist wet wood is going to attract destructive bug life. The old siding was touching the ground I brought the new siding up to expose the brick foundation and elevate the sheathing away from the ground.

Very cold lady bug cluster

Then the vinyl siding was underway.

This was the most challenging face of the home to install siding on.