May 16, 2014

Faucet-Window Repair in Sidney, Susan and David

Another job for the books. The window I was called to fix in this beautiful home had been leaking and for the duration of almost one year since the new homeowners, David and Susan had bought it. The window in the second story of the home leaked when it rained and leaked when the snow/ ice dams up above it. I went in and removed the siding to find that there was no tar paper or ice and water shield. Rather then using the regular roofing Ice and Water, I purchased the Vycor Window Sealer, a similar Grace owned product. which is manufactured for windows. It worked well, it sticks more then the roofing Grace in my opinion. I used a method of sealing in the window and preserving the sheathing/ frame opening that was verbalized to me by my program director at Central Maine Community College. His position at CMCC, teaching building and construction grants him the most up to date information for how products should be installed for guaranteed results. A good reference to have on a job site with variables. Check out the photos.

OCEA approved

Safety first

Very nice view! 

I left a gap here between the paper and the Vycor and at this stage, when I put my last
9" section of Vycor Ice and Water shield on, it is going to
grab the window, the sheathing, the vycor, and the tar paper for a strong tight seal.

Now, all gaps are closed and all windows are water proofed! 


May 14, 2014

Customer Supplied Decking, Mark and Kim in Fairfeild

This job was a request for a new front porch. Up until the deck was torn apart, I wasn't sure what the condition of the frame of the porch would be. Now, because I could see one rotten joist that was exposed I had the homeowner gather enough wood to rebuild the porch but I did not end up using all of it. The only rotten sections were just the joists that had the decking seams from the plywood that were on it and the outside edges of the frame. This client offered to supply all the material and was just looking for my help installing it. What I put down for deck boards was a 2" thick composite board and the joists for the deck frame were untreated rough cut wood boards. I explained that untreated wood doesn't have longevity like Pressure Treated but that I would cover it in Grace Ice and Water Shield and then spray a solution to keep bugs off on it. Check out the photos.

I had to remove siding and account for 1 3/8" gap because before their was J
channel flush with half inch plywood.
Add 2" decking and your butt up to the siding so I had to adjust.

The decking boards look dirty because they were dirty, they will wash nicely.