Mar 1, 2015

Building Concepts Course CMCC Week 19- Timber Frame Completed!

 It has been a long time coming. But our last week on our large timber frame has come. After hours of chiseling, drilling, notching, mortising, and assembling we have a very sturdy shed! This shed will be disassembled and has been sold already to a faculty member at CMCC.

Our final week was spent making purlins and cosmetic repairs. A Purlin is an longitudinal, horizontal, structural member in a roof framing system.

After we completed those five members in the roof we adjusted the overall width of the roof and then began sanding areas we scuffed with boots and chamfered all the interior edges of the timbers. A Chamfer is a detail applied with a router where you cut off the edge or corner of your wood.

Chamfer Style


Rough Edge

The Lamination Technique

This series photos illustrates a good technique that was exercised as a resort toward fixing a member of our timber frame that was cut poorly. This only works when the member, in this case it was our collar tie, is half blind meaning that what you see for a joint from one side does not reflect exactly how its joined. That is the best way I can describe half blind. So we ripped on the table saw the "bad cut" visual side of our collier ties away from the structure portion and laminated an acceptably cut new visual onto our structural.   

The result of the lamination (the horizontal member)

Miscellaneous Perspective Photographs 



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