May 9, 2015

Building Concepts Course CMCC- Week 28 Final Exams Week

For the last week, we did our competency testing consisting of in-shop exercises and computer tests. With our other time in class we spent it wrapping up the freeze boards on our sheds and doing all the punch list type things that come with competing small buildings, sinking nail heads and touch up paint, that kind of stuff.   

 Once the sheds were totally done we worked on cleaning the shop from top to bottom. As well as completing small tasks around that were just things to help the shop function more efficiently. In the two photos here you can see the aluminum angle iron I cut and installed onto two rolling carts we have in the shop. 

 Lastly we took a group photo. Myself on the right end and my three classmates /friends. We all worked on the timber frames together and spent quit a lot of time together these past two semesters. We took and photo to immortalize the moment as one of those students completely finished at CM and we wont be seeing him next year! 

Clean shop...

clean shop...

 and clean shop!


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