May 2, 2015

McIntosh and Co. Cabinetmakers Birds Eye Maple Box

On this day I felt was a test.. a test to see how many small mistakes I could make working by myself! I had minimal supervision and I was given a list of tasks with an ultimate goal of having a completed box at the end. To build this box according to the CAD plans I started by milling out the maple for it. The maple boards ended up having birdeye patterns in it, pretty cool. To save time on the plainer, I used a band-saw to reduce the rough thickness after I jointed a side and edge on the joiner. 

I then time saved the thickness from 10.34/16" to 9/16". Which was the target thickness for the drawer pieces. 

I then shaped the laps for the lap-joint that would bring the drawer sides together. Which can be seen below.

 Here I am milling up the drawer bottom from cabinet grade 1/2" birch using the shops sliding table saw. (a wonderful piece of equipment)
Here I am shaping the lap on the edge of the plywood that will sit inside of the dato on the walls of the drawer. 

Above is the photo of the box being clamped square. Diagonals were pulled and I needed to put a clamp corner to corner without crushing the box corners. So I fashioned pieces that had a 90 degree triangle cut out of it so the clamp can grab the exact corner. That method can kind of be seen in the photo above. Below is the stand unit that the box was constructed for. 


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