Jun 7, 2014

Old Front Porch with a new look

Job done well, not without its learning curves but well done in the end. This was a fine example of a sturdy old front porch that was well built and stood through the years. I landed this job initially as  a deck refacing. The homeowners wanted a matching color composite decking the same as their porch in the rear of the home. You can somewhat see the changes I made. The original construction I admired a lot because taking it apart was a breeze. Who ever first built this the first time built it like a timber frame, large rough cut lumber notched out to sit with gravity holding it down . They mortised it into the homes sill-member (an 8"x 8" block) and the notch they made was structural enough so that I just followed along with what was there. I added 6 inch lags to a piece a 2" x 8" pressure treated to the home for a ledger board but I still cut out for the mortises on either end for the 6" x 6" timber I incorporated into the frame.  Anyway, the pictures do more justice then my words
. Enjoy!

Old decking
One of the changes I made were all the miters lacking in the old construction. But as you can see a new porch was necessary. 

Rotten timber

New decking


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